2019 New York Pizza Reviews

NY Pizza bite

Gotham Pizza (19th and 9th)     Rating:  7.1

Eataly (23rd and 5th)     Rating:  4.6

Waldy’s (27th and 6th)     Rating:  9.4

Pizza Suprema (32nd and 8th)     Rating:  9.7

Two Bros Pizza (38th and 8th)     Rating:  6.2 upon further reflection 2.0


7 thoughts on “2019 New York Pizza Reviews

  1. Way to go!! That some serious Pizza sampling!
    And I’m glad to see you have the NYC pizza fold down to a science!


  2. Great work Connor! Pizza has to be one of the best foods ever. So glad that you got to try so many in New York, now you’re going to have to rate the Chicago Deep dish pizzas!


  3. Wow! That is a lot of pizza eating! My favorite pizzas in Northern Virginia are Tony’s and Pomodoros. Have you tried these places? If so, how do these pizzas compare to New York pizza? Do I need to travel to NY for the best pizza?


  4. Connor, thanks so much for the pizza tips! I had wanted to try Eataly but now I know there are much better places should go to.


  5. Adrienne Kertzer March 10, 2019 — 6:47 pm

    Wow Connor. You are really an expert on pizza!



  6. Wow, you must have been in Peperoni pizza heaven!
    Looks like a great trip and indeed you are a hard giver.
    So fun to watch all your travels and recommendations Connor. Need to come back and travel and eat more.


  7. Love this post! My faves in NYC are John’s Bleeker Street and Arturo’s.


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