France: Cassis

On April 12, 2019, I went to Cassis, France.  When we got to France, we immediately went to the train station to go from Marseille to Cassis.  On the train ride, I had one of France’s specialties – a jambon beurre.  Jambon beurre is a baguette filled with ham and butter.  Here is my review of the jambon beurre.

Connor Jambon Buerre Train

Also while I was on the train, I was writing in my journal about what I was going to say now.  Here’s a picture of me writing in my journal.

Connor Train Journal

Then when we got to Cassis we were going to walk for an hour from the train station to the town.  About half way on our walk, we passed a winery.  The winery opened in 1523.  The person who worked there spoke only French.  Thankfully, Mommy speaks enough French to have a conversation with him.  Here’s a picture of us at the winery.


Connor Mommy Daddy Winery

Then we continued our walk to the town.  When we got to the town, we found a restaurant that looked good.  I got steak frites.  Steak frites is steak with fries.  Here’s a picture and my review of steak frites.

Connor Mommy Food

Here’s a picture of the harbor next to the restaurant.

Cassis Harbor

Then we went to buy a few sodas for a soda challenge.  Here is my soda review.

I had a great day in France.  Next we’ll be going back to Italy in Genoa/Portofino.  Bye.

3 thoughts on “France: Cassis

  1. Hi Connor. Enjoyed your reviews of Cassis and Valencia. Many years ago, Jon and I visited Cassis and during a different trip, we drove through Valencia. Even though we didn’t stop there, we did get to try paella (in Barcelona), and I can still remember how yummy it was. Looking forward to your next review.


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  2. Bonjour Connor. J’adore Cassis. Thank you for sharing your pictures and videos so I could re-visit the town through your eyes. I’m surprised the jambon beurre got such a high score! But I also agree that Fogo de Chao gets a 9.5 🙂

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    1. I so enjoyed watching you taste and rate the food along this journey!
      Love, Ranny


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