Toronto Boys Day

August 14 2019

Today we went to Toronto. First in the morning we left my grandpa’s cottage to go visit Toronto. First when we got there we went to a Blue jays game. When we got to the Blue jays stadium we found are seats and sat down. They faced the Rangers. I got chicken tenders and my Dad had something popular in Toronto poutine cheese fries. The Rangers won 7 to 3. Here is some of the picture’s at the game

Then after the game we went to go to the hockey hall of fame. On our walk we took a detour to go see the CN tower. Here is a picture of me next to the CN tower.

When we got to the hockey hall of fame we first went to see the Stanley cup. I found my grandpa’s name on it. He coached the Rangers and won the Stanley cup in 1994

Then in the hockey hall of fame we went to see there hockey practice machines. They have one for practice being a goalie and one to practice shooting. Here some photo’s of the machine’s.

Then after we left the practice machine’s we headed over to the area where you learn about different famous hockey players. After that we headed over to the station where you can pretend you’re a sports center announcer and it will give you a speech to say about a random game.

Then we went to a screen where they show you all the best plays and moments in hockey history. After that we left to go to dinner. For dinner we went to the Keg. It was good. I got steak and fries. Here is a picture of me at the Keg

After the Keg we left to go home. That was my day in Toronto. It was fun. Bye!

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  1. Thanks for the comments I’m posting again within the month or sooner. So watch out for new post soon


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