Italy: Rome


On April 6, 7 and 14, 2019, we went to Rome, Italy.

April 6, 2019

In the morning, we flew into Rome from Oakton, Virginia.  When we got there, we went to our hotel but our room wasn’t ready yet.  So we went to a sandwich place called D’Angelo Caffe & Gastronomia.  I got a spicy salami sandwich.  Here’s the picture of my spicy salami sandwich.

Rome Sandwich

Then we made our way to the Trevi Fountain.  It was about a 30 minute walk.  Before we got there, after about 25 minutes of walking, we stopped at a gelato place called Della Palma.  Della Palma has 150 flavors of gelato.  Here are some pictures of their flavors:

Rome Gelato 1 sign

I got strawberry cheesecake gelato.  Then we walked five more minutes to the Trevi Fountain.  Here’s a picture and video of me at the Trevi Fountain:

Rome Trevi Fountain

Then we went on another 30 minute walk to lunch.  It was about five minutes away from the Vatican, our next stop.  The restaurant was called Rione XIV Bistrot.  I got pasta and meat sauce.  It was good.

Rome pasta lunch

Then we continued a five minute walk to the Vatican.  The Vatican is the smallest country in the world.  It is so small, its actual name is Vatican City.  The Pope lives in Vatican City.  We went to the Vatican Museum.  We saw a lot of pictures on walls and statues.  Here are some of the pictures:

Rome St. Peters


Then we went into the Sistine Chapel.  The Sistine Chapel has one of the most famous paintings in the world on the ceiling.  It was painted by Michelangelo.  He painted it by laying on his back on the top of a large ladder and painting upside down.  The ladder was 200 feet.  While he was painting, he fell off the ladder once or twice.  Here’s a picture of the Sistine Chapel ceiling:

Rome Sistene Chapel

Then we walked to a different gelato place to get some more gelato.  I got black cherry and nutella.  Then we took an Uber back to our hotel to decide what we should have for dinner.

Rome Gelato 2

When we got back to our hotel we decided to go to Carlo’s Pizza.  I got their salami pizza. Here’s a picture of my salami pizza:

Rome Carlo's Pizza

April 7, 2019

First thing in the morning we went to a breakfast place.  I got a mini tart. Here’s a picture of my tart.

.Rome Breakfast

Then after we finished having breakfast we took a taxi to the train station.  Then we took the train to Civitavecchia.  There we went on our boat, the MSC Divina.

April 14, 2019

After we finished our cruise, we took a bus from Civitavecchia back to Rome for one more day.  Here’s a video of my plan to navigate where we’re going for the day.

Then we walked to try to make our way to the Pantheon.  We got lost a few times but eventually we found the Pantheon.  Here’s a video of me at the Pantheon.

In the picture below, we spotted the Colosseum in the background but we went to lunch first.


For lunch we went to a pizzeria.  I got their spicy salami pizza.  It was the best pizza I had on my trip.  When we got to lunch it started raining like crazy but we were sitting under a tarp so we didn’t get that wet.  Here’s a review of my pizza.

Rome Pizza Lunch
I give the pizza a 9.6!

Then we got to the Colosseum. Here’s a video of us outside of the Colosseum.

Then we went in to the Colosseum.  There was about a thirty minute line.  We waited in the line and then we got headsets that told us about the Colosseum.  The Colosseum is where slaves fought as gladiators in the center of the building.  The gladiators usually fought wild animals or each other.  Some gladiators would not fight but then might be killed.  The gladiator fights were for entertainment. Here’s a picture of us in the Colosseum.

Rome Colosseum us inside

Then we walked back to our hotel through the Roman Forum.  It was raining like crazy.  We stopped in Della Palma (the gelato place), to get under a roof from the rain.  After a few minutes we continued our walk back to our hotel.  We were very wet.  We changed to go to dinner.  Then we walked to dinner.  We met one of Daddy’s work friends and his family at dinner.  I got beef tartare.  I had a great three days in Rome.  The next place I’ll tell you about is Genoa.


2 thoughts on “Italy: Rome

  1. Fantastic job Connor! I will look forward to your reporting on your new adventure.


    1. Great Rome report Connor! I have been there a few times, but must go back to have that salami pizza.


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