Italy: Cagliari, Sardinia

April 9, 2019 (but first published August 24, 2019)

We went to Cagliari, Sardinia.  I stayed on the boat and did Kids Club for the morning while Daddy went to a market.  He saw some crazy things including a skinless horse head. People in Sardinia also eat horse meat.  There was even a whole counter of horse meat at the market.  Here is a picture of a horse head.


Also, at the market he bought some oranges for a challenge later.  Then we met up with him a few blocks from our cruise, MSC Divina.  Then we decided to go to lunch at a local restaurant.  It was really good.  Here’s some pictures of it.

We also took a picture of the menu if you’re interested to try it.  My meal included chicken wings, corn on the cob, and bruschetta.  The bruschetta was very good and we had to ask for several servings of it.


Then later we had the Orange Challenge.  There are three oranges and we each taste them to decide which is our favorite, second favorite, and least favorite.  Here’s a picture and a video of our Orange Challenge.


The oranges were pretty good for the most part and me and mommy had totally different opinions on them.  Then we walked around the town and its a wonderful place except for all the graffiti.  Here’s a picture of a wall of graffiti.


Then we started to walk back to the cruise.  And we soon noticed there was a lot of these nice purple flowered trees.  Here is a picture of them.


Then we got back to our cruise.  It was a wonderful day in Sardinia.  And hopefully we’re going to try to post another thing in less than a month.  We also have one more picture to show the city of Cagliari from the boat.



3 thoughts on “Italy: Cagliari, Sardinia

  1. It looks like you had a great time in Sardinia! Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.

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  2. What an incredible trip Connor and your journal was so well written. Great job. xo

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  3. Fantastic review Connor. I didn’t know about the horses head and the eating of horse meat. I’m glad that you didn’t do a horse meat challenge and did the orange challenge. Great pictures, again your writing makes me feel like I was right there with you on the trip. Love, Nana

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